The Best Way to Unblock Games Online in 3 Clicks

For a lot of gamers, going to work or school means “game over” for you, at least until you can get back home. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If your favorite game has been blocked, just get Hotspot Shield. We make unblocking games online simple: Just download Hotspot Shield VPN, connect with one of our 600+ servers around the world, and start unlocking new achievements.

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Why Use a VPN to Unblock Games Online?

  • Play Games With Friends Across the Globe
  • Play Games With Friends Across the Globe

    Quite often, people find themselves making new friends online while having fun on game websites. Unblocked access to all games means that you'll never miss an opportunity to play with friends living in other countries. A VPN provides you with fast, secure access to game servers all over the world.

  • Reduce Lag Time

    When you play unblocked games online via a VPN, it decreases lag time because you can connect through a VPN server that's located closer to the game server. Lag time can result in the loss of valuable seconds that can make the difference between victory and defeat in online games.

  • Reduce Lag Time
  • Protect Your Privacy
  • Protect Your Privacy

    One of the best reasons to use a VPN to unblock virtual games is that you can remain anonymous. You can create an online gaming persona without fear of others finding out who or where you are. A VPN provides you with a different IP address, which not only lets you get around IP-based content blockers but allows your location and other personal to remain private.

How to Unblock Games at School or Anywhere Else

  • Many schools, universities, and workplaces block access to online games. But with the help of a VPN, you can get your favorite game websites unblocked, no matter where you are. Our VPN acts as a tunnel between your computer or mobile device and a server. Hotspot Shield is compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows devices and the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

  • Unblock Games at School or Anywhere Else

Why Are Online Game Websites Blocked?

  • Why Are Online Game Websites Blocked?
  • Some governments restrict large swaths of the Internet, including online gaming websites, for political, cultural, or religious reasons. These regimes seek to maintain control over the online activity of their citizens.

    Many employers who block gaming websites believe these sites are distractions to employees and reduce productivity.

Colleges, universities, and other schools may block these sites because they believe online games take time away from a student’s studies.

Unblocking Games Online and Avoiding Geographic Restrictions Has Never Been Faster or More Secure

Want to be able to play any game, anywhere in the world, without anyone knowing who or where you are? With VPN, you can:

  • Visit gaming sites in other countries under a different IP address
  • Enjoy faster play by connecting with a server close to the game server
  • Hide your identity, location, and other sensitive data
  • Play online games without leaving behind a record of your Internet activity

What About Using a Proxy for Unblocking Games Online?

We don’t recommend the use of a proxy for unblocking online game websites, as a proxy only secures your Web browser or torrent client. A VPN secures 100% of your Internet access, replacing your local ISP routing for all locations. A fully anonymous VPN server is also much more secure; proxies are often targeted by cyber-criminals, but a VPN encrypts all of your data to keep you safe.

Proxy vs VPN VPN Proxy
Works with phones and tablets
Protects from phishing threats
Encrypts your activity
High-speed browsing
Regular virtual location changes
Hides your location
Hides your identity from snoopers

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