Best VPN to access WeChat from anywhere

Do you use WeChat to send payments or stay in touch with friends, family and business contacts? If you travel to or are from certain regions, you may find WeChat blocked by firewalls. Hotspot Shield VPN can help you gain access.

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Download the Best WeChat VPN

With more than a billion users around the world, WeChat combines mobile messaging, payments and social media into a single platform unlike any other. It has become the essential app for everyday commerce and both personal and business communications in China and beyond. If you’re having issues accessing WeChat, you can stay connected plus encrypt all your online data by using Hotspot Shield VPN.

Steps to access WeChat with a VPN

  • Step 1

    Get Hotspot Shield

    Subscribe to Hotspot Shield Premium and install the app in your device

  • Step 2

    Connect to VPN

    Open the app, set the VPN virtual location to the country that allows WeChat usage (try Canada), and tap the Connect button

  • Step 3

    Use WeChat

    Login to WeChat as you normally would once VPN is connected—now you should have access!

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Hotspot Shield VPN: WeChat VPN Benefits

  • Superfast VPN servers

    Message and video chat seamlessly. Our VPN servers in 80+ countries are optimized for fast streaming.

  • Unlimited data

    With no data limits, Premium subscribers can use WeChat as many times as they’d like with the VPN.

  • Pay and chat securely

    Protect your data with military-grade encryption, and hide your internet address from hackers and other online threats.

  • Protects on multiple devices

    Hotspot Shield VPN is available on major platforms and devices, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

  • Access WeChat and more

    You can also unlock global content from other streaming services, like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, and more.

  • Live 24/7 tech support

    Hotspot Shield Premium members can reach out to us anytime for friendly live chat or email support. We’re here to help!

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How to stop WeChat throttling

The free Wi-Fi at hotels and cafés — and many internet service providers — will deliberately slow their bandwidth when they see you using video services like WeChat. Your video calls could get choppy as the Wi-Fi connection can’t keep up.

Hotspot Shield VPN stops throttling by keeping internet providers from detecting video in the first place. All of your data flows through tunnels from your device to Hotspot Shield’s VPN server that are protected by military-grade encryption. Since your internet provider can’t tell that you’re making a video call, it can’t throttle your connection.

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Fastest VPN for video calls

Independent sources verified that Hotspot Shield is the fastest VPN on the market. Where most other VPN providers rely on the same, decades-old OpenVPN technology, we built our Hydra protocol from the ground up to deliver unrivaled performance and speed. As a result, we can offer seamless streaming, with no buffering, during your WeChat video calls.

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Access WeChat securely and privately while traveling

WeChat may be the favorite way for families and business people around the world to chat, but some governments aren’t as keen on the messaging app. When you travel or are located in certain regions, you may find yourself cut off from your contacts. If that happens, you can access WeChat by using Hotspot Shield VPN. We operate VPN servers in 80+ countries. Connecting to a virtual location where WeChat isn’t restricted will enable you to send your WeChat messages and video calls as you normally would.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Hotspot Shield work with WeChat?

You can send WeChat messages from almost anywhere in the world by connecting to Hotspot Shield’s global VPN network. Your video calls will stream without buffering thanks to our patented Hydra technology.

Which devices are Hotspot Shield available on?

Hotspot Shield is available on all major platforms and apps, such as iOSAndroidWindowsMacLinux, and more. Your Hotspot Shield Premium account lets you and your family connect up to 10 devices to our VPN server network at the same time.

Do I need a separate WeChat account?

WeChat is not included with Hotspot Shield VPN. You will need to download the WeChat app and create your own WeChat account.

Will Hotspot Shield VPN slow me down?

Hotspot Shield’s patented Hydra technology makes our VPN connections the fastest on the market. You won’t have to worry about VPN disrupting your WeChat conversations.

Can I use Hotspot Shield VPN with other apps?

Everything that runs on your devices will work with Hotspot Shield VPN. Listen to Spotify or play Fortnite. Stream movies from Netflix and Disney+ or watch live TV and sports on YouTube TV. You’ll get seamless streaming performance thanks to Hotspot Shield’s high-speed connections.

What countries can I access WeChat from?

Hotspot Shield hosts VPN servers across 80 countries around the world. No matter where you travel, odds are you’ll be able to access WeChat.

What’s your refund policy?

Hotspot Shield comes with a 45-day money back guarantee on all our Premium plans. Simply contact Customer Support, and they’ll be happy to help you.

What are Hotspot Shield VPN’s server locations?

Hotspot Shield operates thousands of VPN servers to minimize congestion and maximize bandwidth. We host these servers at sites in more than 80 countries — more than two dozen in the United States alone. No matter where you travel, you’ll get blazing-fast, secure WeChat connections.

Can’t access WeChat with Hotspot Shield Premium? We’re here for you 24/7.

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