Unblock Omegle

How to Unblock Omegle

The internet has provided us with an increased amount of communication options and has greatly expanded our horizons. Many years ago, communication was only possible via the telephone, pagers, post and physical interaction. We now have an unparalleled level of communication options at our disposal – We can text or make phone calls using mobile phones, we can chat using headsets on platforms such as the Xbox console, and we can even hold video calls using our tablets with friends and family thousands of miles away.

Omegle is a type of chat service that is quite unique and offers something completely different – Due to its content and nature, this website is often blocked by Internet Service providers and network administrators.

What is Omegle?

Omegle was developed in 2009 and its premise was to provide a platform to talk to strangers (yes you read that right!). In effect, Omegle facilitates the chat between two random strangers that have been paired together. Users can log into Omegle anonymously and are then paired up with another stranger in a one-to-one chat session. Omegle gained immense popularity after its initial release and the site has continued to expand its anonymous user base.

Initially, a chat-only website, Omegle soon introduced video chats and facilitated the use of microphones to allow people to physically talk with one another. To remove a degree of the uncertainty, users can opt to select an interest that they wish to chat about – Omegle will then pair them with someone that has chosen the same interest.

Why might Omegle be blocked?

While the premise of Omegle is to expand people’s horizons and to allow random chats to flourish, the website is regularly used for adult and explicit purposes. While there is moderation of the chat content, there is a large user base that uses Omegle to play out their sexual fantasies and attempt to find people to have sex with.

Furthermore, the content of the instant messages is often graphic, explicit and sexually orientated. Due to these facts, Omegle is regularly blocked by network administrators – There is literally no control over who a user could talk to and this can, in turn, raise a plethora of security issues.

How can you unblock Omegle?

There are various methods of bypassing network blocks and security restrictions that prohibit access to Omegle. If you wish to continue using this service, you could consider using the websites IP address, or a VPN service.

Websites are often blocked by their URL (website address), therefore if you know the sites IP address, you can often access it using this method instead. A website’s IP address can be obtained using the various online tools such as “Whatismyipaddress.com” – All you have to do is type in the website URL (http://www.omegle.com) and its IP address will be returned. Instead of typing the website address in your browser window, you can type in the IP address as an alternative.

If this method fails and Omegle’s IP address has also been blocked, you can use a VPN service. Instead of connecting to the internet directly, you will connect through a secure VPN tunnel. This tunnel will encapsulate your data and encrypt it, and bypass the security blocks imposed by your network administrators or Internet Service Provider.

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