Unblock imgur

How to Unblock Imgur

In today’s modern world, image sharing and hosting are increasingly important – many different blogging platforms, forums and discussion boards allow images to be posted, but not every board offers an image hosting service. This is where image hosting websites come into play – Websites such as imgur allow you to log in and upload images for external use on other platforms. This, in turn, means that you can add functionality and graphical elements to your blog posts, blog comments, social media posts and forum posts. Websites such as imgur and ImageShack are often blocked by ISP’s and network administrators so it is important to understand the whys and how’s, and how to remove restrictions if required.

What is imgur?

Created in 2009, imgur was developed in response to the poor image hosting facilities on such popular forums as Reddit. The website was a huge success and thousands of users started sharing their media on the platform. Imgur allows users to upload images and share them with the community. Users can create albums, develop public image galleries, create animated gifs and even create memes using the popular meme generator. Since its creation, the user base of Imgur has grown rapidly and it is one of the most used image hosting services available on the web.

Why might imgur be blocked?

Imgur links and the website itself could be blocked for a variety of reasons – The content of imgur can vary greatly and the images can often contain explicit content that may be inappropriate for viewing at work or school. Furthermore, imgur links are often used in combination with social media posts or on restricted forums, therefore, network administrators may want to exercise a degree of control over what their users have access too.

How can you unblock imgur?

If you require access to Imgur to view and upload photos or to view Imgur related links, several methods exist to bypass security restrictions and blocks.

Use the IP Address – Websites are usually accessed via the site URL (website address) i.e. www.imgur.com – A network administrator may have simply blocked this website address. It is, therefore, possible to access the site using its IP address. To find imgur’s IP address, you can use the Ping function on the Windows Command prompt program, or the Mac Utility tool. Simply type in “ping www.imgur.com” and press enter – providing a connection can be established, the IP address should then be displayed. Once you know the IP, you can simply type it into your web browser instead of the website address.

If an IP block has been enforced, this method will not work, however. In that case, a VPN service can offer a viable alternative. Using a VPN service, you will connect to the internet through a secure VPN tunnel and thus bypass any security restrictions. As an additional means of security, and to prevent your device’s location from being tracked, your IP address will also remain hidden. A VPN service can also grant you access to content and websites that may be regionally restricted, or only available in certain countries.

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