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Turkmenistan and Online Censorship

Turkmenistan has a lengthy history of online censorship. Unlike many internet users in the western world, internet users in Turkmenistan don’t have free access to the internet, as the government has blocked a plethora of sites. The state monitors the internet constantly, and has blocked access to human rights organizations, news agencies, and political dissidents.

In much of the world, there are a variety of internet service providers who allow users to access the internet for a fee. These internet service providers compete and provide contrasting services. In Turkmenistan, the opposite is true. Turkmenistan only has a single internet provider—the government. The government goes to great lengths to ensure that its citizens cannot access information that it doesn’t want them to see. That means blocking access to social media and news organizations. Most internet access is also monitored by the government, to ensure that citizens are only visiting the kinds of websites that the government approves of. Failure to comply with government internet regulations in Turkmenistan can lead to severe penalties.

How VPNs help Turkmenistan Internet Users

VPNs are critical for individual internet users in Turkmenistan if they want to have internet access that isn’t controlled by the government. VPNs work by allowing users to shield their IP address, utilize a secure connection which encrypts information, and providing access to websites that were blocked based on geographic location. Because VPNs allow internet users to have greater autonomy and greater privacy, they have become popular in countries with online restrictions.

For individuals in Turkmenistan who don’t use VPNs, their internet options are limited. The government watches their online activity to make sure that they don’t visit any forbidden websites, and there are thousands of websites that they simply can’t view at all. VPNs give these internet users a far greater degree of control over their online experience and allow them to gain access to blocked websites without their activity being tracked by the government. The security and privacy of VPNs are some of their most attractive features.

Keeping Your Internet Experience Private and Secure

Being able to have an online experience that is private through a secure connection is critical, especially in a country that censors so much of the internet. Turkmenistan internet users unfortunately have to worry about their online actions being monitored by the government. If they do not use a secure, encrypted method of connecting to the internet, they might find that their communications or online activity has been spied upon. VPNs ensure that individual users are getting a private, anonymous internet experience. All communications are encrypted, so that even if another actor could get their hands on some data, they wouldn’t be able to actually decipher it. Individual users in Turkmenistan can utilize VPNs anywhere, on laptops or smartphones. VPN clients make it simple to be able to protect their online experience and shield information from businesses, government actors, and other third parties.

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