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Tunisia and Internet Censorship

Tunisia is located on the most northern tip of the African continent. Unfortunately, the country has a long history of censorship and restricting the internet. Freedom House has repeatedly listed Tunisia as “not free” in its Freedom on the Net report. Over the years, social networking sites have been targeted, as well as news websites for the spread of information that the government deemed a security risk. Facebook pages have been blocked for “damaging the reputation of the military,” among other issues. The government’s decision to block certain websites is completely arbitrary, and the citizenry has little choice in what websites are restricted and which ones are free to view. As a result, more and more Tunisian citizens are moving to using tools such as virtual private networks. VPNs allow Tunisian citizens to access websites that have been blocked in their country.

How a VPN Can Help Tunisia’s Internet Users

VPNs are best known for allowing users to access websites that have been blocked in specific geolocations. For example, if the Tunisian government decides to block Facebook entirely, a user in the country with a VPN could still be able to access the website. VPNs give users an IP address separate from the one provided by their internet service provider in order to do this. VPNs help users in countries around the world to access the full and complete internet without fear of political retribution or government sanctions. VPNs help users keep their anonymity online, which is critical in states that penalize citizens for particular online activities. VPNs offer secure and encrypted connections that keep all online activities and communications completely private.

Making Your Online Experience More Private and Secure

Virtual private networks are a fantastic way to ensure that your online experience is private and your communications are kept away from prying eyes. Most people associate VPN use with individuals who are trying to escape censorship from the government. Some VPN users are trying to read and spread information from political dissidents and do fear political retribution from the government. But there are also many VPN users who want to keep their information protected and private from hackers and identity thieves. Each year, hackers make the headlines for hacking a department store or a major celebrity. But what most publications don’t talk about is the fact that hackers are also targeting everyday individuals who are accessing the internet from unsecured connections. Every time that you access the internet from an unsecured connection in public, you are putting your device and your critical data at risk. The good news is that you don’t have to. With the use of a VPN, you can keep your critical data protected from hackers and identity thieves and be safe no matter where you choose to access the internet from.

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