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Seychelles and Internet Censorship

Seychelles is a South Asian island located off the east coast of Somalia. Although the island is not well known in the western world, it is better known in the region. Seychelles does not have a great track record with free internet or free communications in general. Seychelles has the freedom of speech written into the country’s constitution. However, that freedom of speech is in name only—the country has taken over control of all radio and television programs, and has strong libel laws which are used to censor members of the media (which mostly consists of private newspapers). Libel laws are often used against journalists in order to keep them silent on critical issues. This is a major issue for Seychelles residents, and their ability to use the internet without fear of political retribution. With a virtual private network, or VPN, Seychelles residents are better able to use the internet freely.

How a VPN Can Help Seychelles Internet Users

Without a VPN, Seychelles authorities and third parties can relatively easily determine a citizen’s online activities. Political retribution in the form of strong libel laws can be a major consequence of posting something critical of government officials. To avoid these issues, more Seychelles internet users are looking to be anonymous online. VPNs provide this service by providing users with an IP address separate from the one given by their internet service provider. VPNs also are a great way to access websites that might be blocked. The government doesn’t block many websites, but schools, office buildings, and other property owners might block certain sites at their specific geolocation. VPNs help internet users to bypass these restrictions and access content such as social media, news sites, and video streaming sites.

Making Your Online Experience More Private and Secure

There’s a reason so many denizens of Seychelles are utilizing VPNs in order to keep their online experience private and secure. Although many people use VPNs for fear of government intrusion into their private lives, there is also the fear that hackers, identity thieves, and fraudsters could get into their personal information. VPNs are a great way to keep your personal and financial information from falling into the wrong hands. Over the past few years, there have been high profile hacks of department stores and electronics firms. However, the hacks that didn’t make the headlines are happening to everyday individuals who use the internet without a secure connection. Hackers wait in public places, looking for individuals who connect to the internet without a secure connection. VPNs provide a secure connection along with end to end encryption. The secure connection prevents hackers or other third parties from accessing your device and your files. But even if they could, the encryption prevents them from being able to view your online activities. In today’s digital world, VPNs are an absolutely critical part of online privacy.

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