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Puerto Rico and Internet Censorship

Puerto Rico has been a United States territory since the late 1800s, and thus its internet censorship laws and regulations fall under United

States jurisdiction. The United States largely has free internet. Users aren’t restricted in their online activity and most users find that

they can view almost any website that they’d like. However, the United States does have some issues with blocking websites and specific

content due to copyright concerns. There is also the issue of the United States government spying on the email and online communications of

certain individuals. Since Puerto Rico is legally considered part of the United States, these concerns are issues that face Puerto Ricans

online as well. The United States government can access and view the online activity or email of a Puerto Rican if they so choose. That is

one of the reasons that so many individuals have been moving towards using virtual private networks.

How a VPN Can Help Puerto Rican Internet Users

There are plenty of ways that VPNs can help Puerto Rican internet users. The features offered by VPNs make them very attractive to users all

over the United States. VPNs offer access to blocked websites. Sometimes sites are blocked by schools or offices even if they aren’t blocked

by the government. VPNs also offer secure, private connections to the internet, something that is invaluable for users who want to avoid

hackers. VPN clients also provide users with a new IP address separate from their ISP, along with encryption for all communications and

online activities.

Making Your Online Experience More Private and Secure

In today’s digital world, more and more internet users are looking for a more private, secure online experience. Puerto Rican internet users

are no different. Even though the island is a United States territory, and the United States offers a wide range of speech protections, the

US has come under fire for spying on individual citizens, hacking, and reading private emails. There is a reason that many Puerto Ricans have

moved to using virtual private networks. In addition to wanting to keep online activities private from the government, there is also the

concern that Puerto Ricans might find themselves the victim of hackers. Hackers have become more prevalent and more sophisticated in recent

years. Today, hackers often use public Wi-Fi hotspots as a way to get into the device of an unsuspecting individual. Once inside, hackers can

gain access to critical personal and financial information. That information can be sold to the highest bidder or it can be used to open up

new accounts. VPNs help users to keep their online activities protected, but they are also a great way to stay safe from hackers. VPNs offer

secure connections and they encrypt all communications as well. That keeps hackers from being able to access critical information. The

encryption offered by VPNs means that even if someone could access your data, they wouldn’t be able to actually read it.

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