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Oman and Online Censorship

Oman is bordered by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, two countries that have engaged in significant online censorship. Oman is no different. The country has engaged in online censorship for decades to ensure that political dissent is limited and that the public’s confidence in the government doesn’t waver. Oman’s government bans adult websites, any content that is critical of Islam, websites that talk about illicit drugs, and other political content that is deemed unsavory. Like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Oman also punishes, and in some cases imprisons, individuals who break state rules about internet use. The state monitors the online activity of users to determine if they are using the internet in an acceptable manner. Unfortunately for those living in Oman, the restrictions placed upon the citizens’ online activity are among the most stringent in the world. Even though some European countries restrict the use of certain file sharing or video streaming websites, those restrictions don’t meet the size or scope of what occurs in Oman or neighboring Middle Eastern nations. Citizens of Oman are forced to abide by the online regulations set by the government, with little hope that the government will change their minds on what kinds of websites are acceptable to view. Some people in Oman even fear using the internet for belief that they might be accused of breaking the law. A virtual private network, or VPN, is a solution for many of the privacy issues that Oman internet users face.

How a VPN Can Help Oman Internet Users

Virtual private networks help internet users that are located in Oman have a completely anonymous, secure online experience. VPN users are able to access sites that are blocked, no matter their current geolocation. VPNs offer a variety of features, including shielding your IP address, encrypting your communications, and providing access to blocked websites. Being able to access websites that are blocked in Oman is critical, because the state has so much control over what internet users are able to see. The great thing about VPNs is that their use is completely anonymous—users are given a separate IP address and encrypted communications, which means that no one can determine what a user is doing online. VPNs give freedom back to internet users in states like Oman, who face heavy restrictions on what content is available.

Making Your Online Experience More Private and Secure

Making sure that the government—or other third parties, such as corporations—can’t determine what you are doing online is a huge feature of VPNs. VPNs provide a secure, encrypted connection that doesn’t allow anyone to spy on your online activities. Even if you are accessing the internet from public Wi-Fi, a VPN provides a secure connection that can’t be cracked. This is absolutely critical for individuals who want to access content that is blocked, or fear that the government or other entities might be monitoring their online activities.

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