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Accessing the internet in Morocco

Accessing the internet in Morocco can be a tricky thing. If you’re there on holiday, you probably won’t have any issues checking email, news, or social media. But if you live in the country or are spending a significant amount of time there, you may notice that internet access can be patchy.

No legislation or government ruling officially allows censorship, but popular websites like Google, YouTube, and other social media seem to go offline fairly regularly. Morocco’s main internet service provider often blames these outages on technical glitches, with no reference to intentional censoring, but citizens and internet users have their doubts.

When the internet is accessible, many users have seen comments, articles, and other opinions removed. It’s unclear whether internal forces like separatist groups for Western Sahara or extremist Islam groups are involved, but it seems that censoring may occur.

Strengthen and protect your online presence with a VPN

Because the internet in Morocco seems to crash fairly often, consider a new approach. When you log onto the internet, you’re assigned an IP address that identifies which country you’re from. Many content providers only provide certain content to certain countries, or, like in the case of Morocco, the government or a third party may be intervening.

VPN, short for ‘virtual private network’, is software that makes you appear like you’re accessing the internet from somewhere else. When the software is engaged, it provides an IP address that originates outside of Morocco. This means that if the certain sites are offline in Morocco, your non-Moroccan IP address won’t be affected, so you can continue to surf the net without interruption.

VPNs also allow for encrypted browsing – protecting your search history and private, personal data from being hacked. This is helpful so you can avoid identity theft and any potential censorship that may occur within Morocco.

Hotspot Shield – the best VPN in Morocco

Other methods and tools provide ways to bypass the content filter in Morocco, but none are as reliable as VPNs. More than 650 million people around the world use Hotspot Shield VPN to secure their WiFi connection and unblock content or censors. For its cost, reliability, and ease of use, Hotspot Shield is the best VPN for internet users in Morocco.

Hotspot Shield comes with plenty of other benefits:

  1. Protect your privacy and identity with anonymous browsing – so you can access news and share thoughts that could otherwise be removed by the government
  2. Receive warnings when you try to access sites that contain malware, and choose to block the site
  3. Save money on phone charges when you use VPN on your mobile device
  4. Enjoy our simple, easy-to-use interface so you’ll forget you’re using it

For the best VPN in Morocco, use Hotspot Shield and choose from free or paid plans.

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