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Free speech and freedom of the press are relative in Kuwait, a small country in the Middle East that borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Though freedom rights watchdogs commonly rank Kuwait’s freedom the best in the Arab world, the country is significantly less free than many other countries worldwide.

With a population that is more than 50% comprised of expatriates, the government does block and censor parts of the internet. Kuwait’s Ministry of Communication is responsible for ensuring that internet service providers block certain content, like pornography and anti-security sites. The government itself also directly censors some websites from users.

While the government doesn’t technically censor news outlets, the Ministry of Information does oversee several newspapers and TV channels. Most journalists, expats, and critics are careful to defame the emir, the country’s leader, for fear of prosecution. In 2016, Human Rights Watch reported that the Kuwaiti government has cited several laws as reason to prosecute more than a dozen people who criticized the emir or government on social media.

Using a VPN in Kuwait to Maintain Free Speech

The Kuwaiti government uses technology to block and censor websites, and technology also provides workarounds for internet users. The strongest option in Kuwait is using software called VPN, short for ‘virtual private network’. VPN software allows a user to skip past built-in content filtering to access websites that are otherwise blocked, allowing internet users less restricted access to the internet.

The VPN works by utilizing different IP addresses. Upon log in, the VPN software assigns the user an IP address from a country other than Kuwait. The government cannot censor foreign IP addresses; therefore, the user has bypasses any content blocking or censoring.

VPN software also encrypts your personal information and browsing information, so that journalists, expats, and locals alike can access news and share information that may otherwise be risky.

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