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Iceland and Online Censorship

In 2013, there was a lot of talk about Iceland moving to ban adult websites from being viewed within its borders. The proposal never became law, but there was heavy speculation around the country about what such a ban would mean. Iceland has long cherished its freedoms and open-mindedness, but the push to ban certain “undesirable” websites on the internet gave many pause. As a western democracy, Iceland doesn’t have nearly the restrictions of countries such as China or Saudi Arabia. In many countries in the Middle East for example, adult websites are blocked, along with content from dissenting political figures and those that write against Islam. No one believes that Iceland’s regulation of the internet would become that extreme. However, the fear is that Iceland’s government would start to pick and choose what websites are acceptable for public consumption and which ones are not, without any conversation with the public.

How a VPN Can Help Iceland Internet Users

Although the proposed adult website bans of 2013 never became law in Iceland, many citizens saw what the government could do if it so chose. That is why VPNs have an increasing popularity. VPNs allow individual internet users the ability to view websites that are blocked in their country, or even in their particular school or office building. VPNs work by shielding your IP address, encrypting your communications, and providing you with a secure connection to the internet. Whether you want to view social media, news websites, or any other content that is blocked in your specific geolocation, you can do that with a VPN’s help. This level of privacy and internet accessibility has made VPNs popular all over the world, especially in countries that have begun blocking particular websites within their borders.

Making The Online Experience More Private and Secure

It is absolutely critical that those looking to have privacy online pursue a secure, encrypted connection. Hackers and identity thieves are growing in number and in sophistication, and year after year, there are stories about major corporations getting hacked. Multinational firms aren’t the only entities that hackers target though. They often wait to target individuals who are using unsecured internet connections in public places. When you use public Wi-Fi without a secure connection, you are putting your personal and financial data at risk. Fortunately, VPNs allow individual internet users a way to protect themselves no matter where they access the internet. That’s one of the reasons why VPNs are so popular—not only do they provide total anonymity on the internet, they also provide major security functions that keep private data private. Because the information that passes through a VPN is all encrypted, even if a hacker could somehow access the data, they wouldn’t be able to bypass the encryption and read any of it. This is how VPNs keep your online activity shielded from hackers, internet service providers, advertisers, corporations, and governments.

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