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Georgia and Internet Censorship

The country of Georgia has an extensive history with online censorship. For example, Georgia blocked all .ru websites (sites based in Russia) during the country’s 2008 war with the Russian Federation. Georgia has also engaged in selective blocking of other sites on the web for political or security reasons. Georgia also has significant issues with websites being blocked from corporate and educational networks. The country’s dependence on international connectivity networks also means that citizens living in Georgia can be affected when other countries block certain websites. For example, Georgia depends rather heavily on Turkish connectivity, and when Turk Telecom blocked Youtube in 2008, many Georgians found that they could not access the website either. Because online censorship is an unfortunate reality in Georgia, many Georgian citizens have turned to using VPNs. VPNs are a great way for people around the world to access websites that have been blocked by geolocation. Georgia’s citizens can use VPNs to access websites such as social media that may get blocked by the government during times of social unrest or critical political junctures.

How a VPN Can Help Georgian Internet Users

VPNs are a great tool for Georgian internet users because of their versatility and the features that they offer. Georgians can use VPNs in order to access sites that have been blocked by the government, or by local corporations or even from schools or education networks. VPNs do this by providing a new IP address to users separate from the one provided by their internet service provider. VPNs also offer strong security and encryption, which keeps your connection to the internet secure and prevents third parties from being able to access your device and your personal information. VPN clients are the tools that you need in order to get access to the full internet without artificial restrictions.

Making Your Online Experience More Private and Secure

Although most people fear the government intruding on their internet access, there is the fact that many people use VPNs for an entirely different reason: to keep their online privacy and their data secure in the face of hackers and identity thieves. VPNs are an attractive option for many internet users because of the privacy and security that they offer. VPNs offer a secure connection to the internet along with strong encryption which stops hackers, identity thieves, and fraudsters in their tracks. Even if they somehow could access your connection, the encryption would stop them from being able to read any of your data. Staying anonymous online is important to many VPN users. VPNs allow users to avoid the dangers of hackers and other prying eyes as well. Whether you are trying to avoid government intrusion or hackers looking to get their hands on your personal or financial data, VPNs are definitely the right tool for those looking to maintain their online anonymity.

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