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Belarus and Internet Censorship

In Belarus, the internet is heavily sanctioned and censored. Belarus’s internet has been ranked “not free” by Freedom House for multiple years. The government in Belarus focuses on political and social websites that spread dissent. The country considered dissent against the government as an offense punishable legally, and internet users, bloggers, and those spreading opposition political views online have faced arrests or intimidation by law enforcement or other government officials. There are a number of surveillance measures in place that monitor how Belarus’s citizens are using the internet. Internet users find that a number of websites are blocked, and more sites are typically shut off during times of political unrest or protests. The government maintains that their strict control of the internet is a security measure intended to keep the people of Belarus safe. More and more citizens of Belarus are turning to VPNs in order to access the internet without restrictions. VPNs open up the internet for Belarus’s citizens and make accessing blocked content easy. When using a VPN, citizens don’t have to worry about government retribution.

How a VPN Can Help Belarus’s Internet Users

VPNs offer a number of tools that make them attractive to users in Belarus. First, VPNs allow users to access sites that have been blocked. So an internet user in Belarus using a VPN would be able to access websites created by political dissidents or other actors who are condemned by the state. VPNs also allow internet users to secure their connection and encrypt all of their communications. This helps VPN users to stay anonymous, especially when the state is looking to stop dissidents from being able to disseminate their message online. The encryption is especially important, because it stops third parties and government actors from being able to read your communications even if they could access your connection.

Making Your Online Experience More Private and Secure

Although the government is the main antagonist when it comes to free internet in Belarus, there is also the issue of hackers, fraudsters, and identity thieves. Hackers have increasingly become an issue for Belarus, just as they have become an issue around the world that internet users have had to deal with. Hackers typically try to target individuals utilizing an unsecured internet connection. From there, they will try to access the connection—potentially taking the victim’s critical personal and financial information with them. If you are looking to avoid the problems hackers can cause, then you want to invest in a VPN client. VPNs provide secure, private connections with encryption. This prevents hackers from being able to access your private information, and stops them from using it to open up new accounts in your name. If you are looking to keep your online activity protected and your critical data secure, then there is no better choice than a virtual private network.

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