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What Are Internet Cookies?

Internet cookies are small text files (255 characters or less) that are placed on your web browser or computer by web servers. A cookie is created when you first visit a site that wants to store information. This text file usually includes a name, an expiration date, a coded number, and the domain name of the visited site. When you return to a site, the cookie tells the site that a computer with code XYZ has returned and reminds it of your activities and preferences on your previous visits.

What Is An IP Address & Why Should I Hide It?

When a website sends the requested information to you, it also sends your web browser a cookie to help it track what was sent and how. This can be either a session cookie which is only for the specific visit or a persistent cookie that is saved in the web browser for an extended period of time. Session Cookies – Session cookies help websites to recognize you and remember the information provided by you as you move from one page to another within the same website. For example, e-commerce sites use session cookies to remember the items you place in your shopping cart as you go from one page to another on the site. Without session cookies, your shopping cart will be empty upon “Checkout” since your shopping activities on prior pages will not be remembered.

How Do I Change My IP Address?

Not all cookies are created equal and stored in the same location. Supercookies, also known as flash or zombie cookies, are stored either online or in the users’ computer – outside of the usual location in the web browser. This makes them difficult to detect or manage using the standard cookie management tools.

For more information on supercookies and how to manage them, visit

How Can I buy Premium Subscription?

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