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VPN for Hulu

VPN for Hulu

Hulu is a paid streaming service where you subscribe for a monthly fee, and get access to various TV shows and movies. There are however, many TV shows and movies on Hulu that are restricted to certain regions and countries. This can be extremely annoying and for many, it means they may miss out on their favourite show or a new movie release for example. Using a VPN to change your location and make it appear that you are actually accessing Hulu from a different country is a brilliant way to get around these restrictions.

Why You Need More Than Just a VPN for Hulu

Unfortunately, simply using a VPN is not the final solution - Streaming companies like Hulu are always seeking ways to block VPN users and stop people from using their service not as it is intended. Many VPN providers provide the same IP address to hundreds of people - Hulu can simply check the IP addresses accessing their service, and when they see one IP address being used multiple times, they will block it and thus block all the people using that VPN IP address. There are ways to get around this though and use Hulu through a VPN!

How to Safely Watch Hulu Using a VPN

There are several methods in which you can use a VPN to watch streaming programs like Hulu and Netflix without the possibility of getting your VPN blocked.

  1. Get a Private VPN IP Address The simplest way by far to watch Hulu using a VPN without getting blocked is to obtain a unique IP address. Some VPN providers will have the feature to purchase a unique IP address - This address will not be one of their group IP addresses that are used by hundreds of other people, thus eliminating your chances of being blocked from Hulu.

Positives - Easy to obtain, no hassle, proven method Negatives - Potential extra charge for unique IP address

  1. Host Your own VPN at Home There are many third-party programs that will enable you to host a VPN on your home computer, or alternatively you could create your own dedicated server to run the VPN on. You could then simply leave the VPN running while you travel and connect to it wherever you are in the world and have access to Hulu as if you were sat in your lounge.

Positives - Full control over the VPN, ease of access Negatives - Bandwidth limitations, potential cost in server creation

  1. Host Your own VPN on a Hosting Service Creating a VPN server on your home computer is possible but if you don’t have sufficient bandwidth then your connection will be extremely slow. An alternative is to purchase a web-hosting package and host a VPN server from there - The web-hosting company will have great functionality and provide high-end server capabilities with good upload/download speeds.

Positives - High-bandwidth, strong security features, stability Negatives - Need knowledge of setting up servers, monthly cost

While it may be safe to use a standard VPN using a shared IP address to access Hulu, it may be beneficial in the long run to use one of the above methods, in order to avoid your account being blocked in the future.

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