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Unblocked Twitch

How to Unblock Twitch

Online gaming is now a huge industry on the internet - throughout the years, the popularity of online gaming has increased and it has evolved from simple multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike and Command and Conquer, to massive online role playing games, huge 20x20 multiplayer battles, and vast persistent online worlds that users can explore with their friends. Millions of children and adults use their computers, and games consoles to explore computer-generated worlds and fulfill their wildest dreams via online gaming.

As the complexity of multiplayer games has evolved, so has the means of viewing, sharing and recording game footage. There are now various tools, apps and streaming services that allow dedicated gamers to record their footage and share it with the world - One such platform is the hugely successful Twitch.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is actually a subsidiary of Amazon and is a live-streaming platform that was introduced in 2011. Twitch has a primary focus of streaming video-game footage but it is used for other reasons too. Users can create live streams that others can watch and comment on, they can also create on-demand content that is uploaded to their profile and can be watched at any time. Popular games that are regularly streamed on Twitch include League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Call of Duty. Aside from streaming content and catering to the video-game industry, Twitch also regularly creates streams from live events relating to video games such as Comic-Con.

Why might Twitch be blocked?

Anything related to online gaming, or video games, in general, is often considered inappropriate for various networks and situations and is therefore regularly blocked. Twitch is directly related to online gaming and therefore will be frequently blocked in workplace environments and in schools - Administrators, managers, and teachers will not want employees and children accessing gaming content during work hours and potentially reducing their productivity and concentration. In addition to this, watching live streams and video on Twitch can use a great deal of bandwidth, therefore allowing access to such streaming sites could have a detrimental effect on the performance of a computer network.

How can you unblock Twitch?

It is possible to gain access to Twitch, even if the website is blocked on your system. Maybe you want to relax and watch some live-streaming during your lunch break? Or maybe you want to get some tips and strategies during a free period? Firstly, consider using Twitch’s IP address as opposed to its website URL - Websites are often blocked using their URL (website address), therefore if you know the IP address, you may still be able to gain access. There are many online tools such as “” that can tell you the IP address of a website. Once you have found the IP address of Twitch, simply type it into your web browser’s address bar, instead of the URL and you should have access!

Alternatively, if an IP block has been enforced, you can use a VPN service - A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can effectively bypass any restrictions using a secure VPN tunnel and by hiding your public IP address.

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